Plaut International Ltd lead the way in FLEGT Shipments into the UK

On Monday 16th January, a FLEGT event was held down at the Tilbury Docks. The first shipment of FLEGT Timber had arrived from Indonesia, through PT Mujur Timber. Plaut International Ltd organised the event for the Indonesian Embassy, DFID and Journalists to come witness the first Devanning of the Mujur FLEGT containers.

 It was a great day, as the whole process has taken nearly 13 years to complete. A lot of work has been put into the Indonesian Government Certification, the SVLK, so that it will conform to the EUTR Laws. To see the end result sitting on the docks is a fantastic achievement for all involved.  This will now make the way for further successful relationships involving the importing of FLEGT Shipments from Indonesia. 

 Links of the event have been congratulated around many websites: